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“You will find in the hotel des Quinconces a unique atmosphere…
The names of the rooms, inspired by trees and wood species, evoke nature and inspire tranquility for the most relaxing stay. “

Signature Mme Laffont
Hotel Manager

We give personalized attention to your pet (Maximum 3Kg), with its welcome kit at the extra charge of 10€uros per day.

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Facade hôtel des Quinconces

A place full of mysteries

The hotel des Quinconces witnessed two centuries of history and saw a succession of many personalities. Built in 1834 at the request of a merchant from Bordeaux, the house was the property of traders, shipowners and doctors.

After having been the home of the Consulate of England in the 1860’s, the 22 cours du Maréchal Foch became the Consulate of the United States of America in Bordeaux during the Cold War. Thus, secret hatches and armored doors are the witnesses of all the secrets still hidden in our house.

House’s construction

Consulate of England

Consulate of the United States of America during the Cold War


House’s construction


Consulate of England

1981 - 1993

Consulate of the United States of America during the Cold War

With our privatization offer, book all or part of the hotel for your events.

Our values

1913 - Cours du XXX juillet

Preservation of Bordeaux historic heritage

After two centuries of history, the restoration of the building lasted two and a half years to bring back this house to its former splendor. Preserving the authenticity while bringing the modernity necessary to an optimal comfort was one of the stakes of this rehabilitation. Today open to the public, we are delighted to share our story and present it at events in collaboration with heritage stakeholders in Bordeaux.


Conscious about sustainable development, our entire team is committed on a daily basis to limit our energy impact. To do so, all our establishment is equipped with LED or low consumption bulbs.

Sorting and recycling are also at the heart of our concerns.

Vernissage Simon Raffy hôtel des Quinconces

Art in all its forms

Strongly committed to the promotion of local artists, our establishment hosts many works of art. Whether on an exhibition format or in our rooms, art takes a central place in our home.

Among the artists welcomed in our walls: Fredange, Didier Vallé, Sophie Pigeon, Max Ducos, Clotaire Lehoux, Nathalie Si Pié, …

Our current exhibition

Zong or the art of motion

Self-taught artist, Zong works with oil painting in contemporary and colourful piece of arts.
An introspective journey that he invites you to discover in his paintings.

From October 25 to March 31, free entrance everyday from 10am to 10pm

Hôtel des Quinconces

22 cours du Maréchal Foch,
33000 Bordeaux
Open 24/7

Information and reservation

+33 5 56 01 18 88

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